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System Automation

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SmartICS is an Industrial Control System with Universal and flexible SCADA/IIoT software platform developed on the basis of modern web technologies.

With SmartICS, the project development, configuration and implementation is performed 3-4 times faster than with classic SCADA softwares. Moreover, you can fully master our software in 2-3 days even without programming or operational experience with other SCADA softwares.

High speed of development and configuration is achieved due to:

  • Web browser configurations without a separate development environment

  • Automatic interface creation for added devices and a library of visual widgets of a standarized look

  • Automatic binding device tags to widgets

  • Convenient system for copying settings and widgets and flexible user rights

  • Organization of data access via a web browser from any device

SmartICS is developed on the basis of web technologiesUsers get online access to data via a regular web browser. And this is a standard SmartICS feature, not an additional option.

SmartICS does not have a separate paid development environment. You can perform the configuration via the same interface using a regular web browser.

SmartICS can be used to deploy a web portal with the third party SCADA softwares. This is useful for organizing access to technological data not only for the dispatcher, but also for the other remote users.

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